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History of Kingdom Builders.

Kingdom Builders Ministries was born out of the vision that Pastor Joseph English received from God, July 1999, following months of agonizing in the spirit while serving as Pastor of Zion Chapel Baptist Church No. 2.  God asked Pastor English a question: “Why are you afraid to start a ministry when I have given you everything that you need to do so?”  For within 18 months prior to July 1999, four ministers came to fellowship at Zion directly to serve with him.  

Once Pastor English said yes to God, the Lord gave him the name: Kingdom Builders Ministries and a place of worship was provided at Sonlight Academy, Columbia, South Carolina.

Thanks to the kindness and consideration of its owner/operator, Mrs. Barbara Oliver, Pastor English completed his duties at Zion Chapel Baptist No. 2 on the 4th Sunday in July 1999 and held the initial service of Kingdom Builders on August 1, 1999.  This was a glorious occasion.  Many visitors from other churches came to encourage and support us.  The tithes and offerings for that Sunday were $3,028.60.  Pastor English was so overjoyed with the giving spirit of the people that he ran three laps inside the church encircling the congregation.  God has continued to bless us spiritually and financially, and to this day, Pastor English continues to run.

In January 2000, Kingdom Builders Ministries relocated to Granby Village on Knox Abbott Drive in Cayce, South Carolina.  We were blessed of the Lord at that location and now have moved to our present facility at 5320 Fairfield Road, Columbia, South Carolina.  Having found favor with the Lord after worshiping in the lobby area for almost a year, we are presently in the sanctuary and will continue renovating the remainder of our facility.  On December 30, 2003, we received our 501 C 3 exception from the Internal Revenue Service.  Our services begin promptly at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning with Sunday School offered to all ages.  Intercessory Prayer is scheduled each Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM.  On Friday evening after each First Sunday, Minister to God (MTG) night is held at 7:00 PM.  This night has been set aside to “Minister To God” by not requesting  anything from him, but thanking him for what he has done and worshiping him for who he is.


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